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and Silverpoint-Related Information on other sites

Examples of contemporary metalpoint drawings found on the Web, unordered.
We're always looking for more, so please let us know if you have one, found one or heard of one.

Dennis Martin (now deceased) goldpoints at Art in Context
Several examples in an article from Illusions (sadly, no longer active)

Susan Schwalb a Modern Master of silverpoint.

Jeannine Cook another Modern Master

Don Turner exhibition pages - late 1970s.

Aaron Board's exhibition pages

Richard Kirk's portfolio pages

Taveepong Limapornvanich, Thai artist's Silverpoints page
David Ladmore's silverpoints & goldpoints
Gerrit Verstraete is a drawing master and founder of the Drawing Society of Canada and the Canadian Academy of Drawing online. His Masterpeace Fine Art Studio and Gallery are located in the Pacific northwest, on Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada. A portfolio of his silverpoint work can be viewed at and for bio info go to

Tom Mazzullo silverpoint still-life studies

Matthew Dayler silverpoints - 2006 in Memphis and Toronto sections

Norine Kevolic silverpoints, including portraits, still life, and landscape elements

Ingrid Capozzoli figure studies in goldpoint and silverpoint

Douglas S. Gillette meticulous drawings, including some in silverpoint

Mike Weinbrecht silverpoints and mixed media

Banjie Getsinger Nicholas silverpoints

Victor Koulbak silverpoints, with watercolor

Timothy David Mayhew explorations of old master drawing materials

Andrew Gott makes his own instruments; silverpoint experiments

David Boles works in a variety of media and displays them on this blog. Browse for silverpoints

Pamela Chesmar does pet and animal portraits in silverpoint.

Dan Murray silverpoint on toned ground

Curtis Bartone - meticulous, precise yet bold silverpoint drawings

Scott Espereth small scale detailed silverpoints

Fred Wessel - shows at Sherry French Gallery, NYC
Stacy Brown - Currently included in the New American Drawing show at Fred Kline Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.

Koo Schadler - represented by Yurner Carroll Galler in Santa Fe, NM, and J. Cacciola Gallery in NYC

Joanne Hopper - Silverpoints (and other media) on her blog

Brigid Ashwood - Steampunk-ish mix of technology and faery-like doll creatures and winged beasts. Be patient, they load slow.

Kenneth Weiner has been doing silver- and goldpoint drawings for thirty years. Another slow-loading site but worth the wait.

Laura Schecter has been around for quite some time, and has done lectures and presentations on silverpoint drawing. Her work is offered through Biddingtons; good stuff!

Camilla Symons in the United Kingdom has a blog where she posts some phenomenal silverpoints as well as works in other media.

Kurt Holyoke works with silverpoint and mixed media, and has been included in the Telfair exhibition.

Drotos Toth Gabor's blog with his silverpoint endeavors; includes electron microscope comparisons with graphite; in Hungarian.

Eric Black works with gold points drawn from metal he panned while on a sabbatical in Alaska, as well as a few in sterling silver, and is concerned with light and shadow, particularly in his nudes. His previous work (separate site) was primarily in pen and ink.

Joel Spector combines Silverpoint, Watercolor, Body Color and Pastel on specially treated board.

Jon Gernon has some silver, gold and platinum works on his blog, as well as things to say about it all.

Shona Macdonald uses a wide variety of materials including silverpoint.

Lori Field's provocative work in silverpoint.

Illustrations from "The Second Earth" by Patrick Woodruff. #002, #005 and #009

Frans Strik's intimate silverpoints.

Gordon Hanley's phenomenal photorealist drawings in gold and silver, via his website, via Aarwun Gallery (Nichols, AUS, near Canberra) and via Morpeth Gallery (Morpeth, AUS, near Sydney).

Sherry Camhy, a silverpoint artist currently featured at the Telfair Museum, is a teaching faculty member of multiple institutions, conducts silverpoint workshops at the Art Students League of NY, and is the author of "Silverpoint; Old Medium, New Art" (FineArt Connoiseur Magazine) and "Sparkling Magic Wand" (Linea, Spring 2007), and curator of "Metalpoint Exhibition", Art Student's League Gallery,2007. Website; and silverpoint drawing pages #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6.

Michael Nichols, associate professor at Western Kentucky University, works in silverpoint, pastel, and oils.

North Carolina artist Jack Saylor works in oils and metalpoint, including silver and gold.

Carol Prusa combines silverpoint, graphite, titanium white pigment with acrylic binder on curved acrylic with fiber optics.


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